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File or API Integration: Which is Better?

Technology hype might tell you that API is always better than file transfer for integration – it’s new and it’s fast and happens in real-time. That’s all true; however, while it all sounds great, is isn’t the whole picture. The truth is, both methods have their place, and neither is a one-size-fits-all answer.

API vs. file transfer is not a choice you that you make based on technology hype. In fact it is quite likely that you will need to employ both methods.

And while the broad-strokes details are useful for you to know, you don’t need to dive into the code and understand every technical detail surrounding data integration. The only real choice that you need to make to select the right integration service provider.

If you are looking for an order management service provider that can handle both API and file transfer seamlessly and transparently, give Lee a call to discuss all of your data integration requirements.

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In the community – The Gift of Giving Back

For those of you who don’t know, Integral Group’s office is located in the City of Markham, Ontario. When our Giving Back committee first began to plan events, we wanted one charity that we support to be located within our community. Markham Food Bank is a local organization, fairly small in size (as are we) with a real and urgent need. And so we chose to support them – both with donations of food and with money.

We recently completed our fall Food Drive and Bake Sale in support of the Food Bank.

Our Bake Sale raised $506 and Integral Group matched that amount, so our donation to Markham Food bank was $1,012. Our local news recently reported on the value of cash donations to food banks:

$10 delivers 100 meals
$500 delivers 5,000 meals
$1000 delivers 10,000 meals

While all of us lament that there is a need for Food Banks, we take heart in knowing that we played a part in ensuring no one goes hungry.

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Introducing ... Our New Superhero

‘Whose caricature should be the public face of Integral Group?’… this has been the subject of much debate internally. Ideally, we’d have a superhero who could represent all of us, without actually being any one of us individually. And so ...

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