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Why Being a Family Business Matters

Why Being a Family Business Matters

The image at the top of this post is a print that hangs in our Integral Group office. We didn’t write the quote, but it speaks to who we are as a family business. For our customers, there are tangible and intangible benefits to working with a family business, but the essence of that distills to integrity, trust and moral clarity.

Benefits are, of course, subjective and not something that can be assigned globally: The attributes we are going to talk about do not necessarily apply to all family businesses but certainly do to Integral Group. As to the value to you? … You be the judge.

Long-term Vision - Integral Group is in it for the long haul.

Being Nimble - quick decisions, innovative culture, setting the bar high.

Flexibility - One thing you never hear at Integral Group is “that’s not my job”. Success is everyone’s job.

Commitment - We love what we do. We work hard – at the everyday tasks of servicing our customers and at the vision for what we will achieve in the future.

Values and Principles - Without a single exception, we have a great team here at Integral Group. Everyone is committed to the values and principles that guide the company:

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IRCE 2019: Perspectives on EDI

IRCE 2019: Perspectives on EDI

Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition

We trust that everyone reading empathizes with the pain of trade shows – at the end of the day your feet hurt and your throat is sore from talking. Yet we all keep attending: Gluttons for punishment or the long-term value far outweighs any transient discomfort?

The latter, for sure. (there is always a little gluttony … but it more takes the form of trying all the great restaurants we can fit in!) As you know if you read our July Newsletter, we were at IRCE in Chicago in June. We’ve had a chance to debrief internally and we want to share the discussions we had around EDI.

As one might expect, as we are EDI experts, we spent a fair bit of time exchanging industry insights at IRCE. The question that seems to repeat year after year is “where is EDI going”? We think the question arises from the longevity of EDI – it has been around since the mid 80’s. People wonder if there is some shiny-new-thing that is better: For the record, there is not!

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