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Walgreens SupplierNet is OUT! - April 2018

In their March supplier newsletter, Walgreens announced that their SAP implementation is being rolled out to the DC level and the SupplierNet EDI portal is being retired, starting April 2018. Walgreens suppliers must now use EDI systems to transport their data.

Mandated EDI compliance is a trend we are seeing with most major retailers – domestic and international. All Walgreens suppliers must prove their EDI readiness through a formal testing and certification process. At Integral Group, we are EDI experts and are well positioned to help you navigate this transition with minimal impact on your business.

Having the Integral Group team taking care of your EDI requirements can actually serve to simplify your life. You focus your attention on your core business and leave the intricacies of EDI to us. With our flat rate pricing this an attractive and affordable option. Combine that pricing with our attention to your business needs and our superior customer support, you will find that Integral Group on your team is the easy choice!

Significant changes, like the elimination of Walgreens SupplierNet, are exactly the reason that it makes so much sense to have us look after your EDI requirements. It is easier and more efficient to outsource EDI to Integral Group than to attempt it yourself.

As your EDI service provider, Integral Group takes care of all of the details, updates and changes that are instigated by your trading partners. You don’t have to research solutions every time there is a modification. Contact us today if you have any questions about what this Walgreens change means to you.

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