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Nordstrom mandates EDI compliance

Nordstrom: Just the name of the store evokes images. The latest fashions, the smell of fine leather, elegance and sophistication. There is a cachet to having your products sold in Nordstrom. Your products will be prominent on the Nordstrom sales floor … as long as you are EDI compliant. Wait! …What?

Simply put, if you are a Nordstrom vendor, you must be EDI compliant. In the past, if you were a smaller vendor, you may have been granted an exemption to continue using paper. Those days are over.

In the Nordstrom Supplier Compliance Manual, they make it clear that EDI is the only option regardless of the size of the vendor. Suppliers are advised that Nordstrom supports EDI with the intention to ‘eliminate all paper media by trading business electronically via EDI’.

While that may be a huge headache to you, fortunately, this is exactly where we excel. Integral Group specializes in EDI services to allow vendors to communicate electronically with their trading partners. Integral Group is on Nordstrom’s recommended list of EDI providers. We have proven to be the kind of service provider that many retailers across North America are confident in endorsing.

Contact us to find out how simple it is for you to be EDI compliant as a Nordstrom vendor.

Selling on Amazon

As a business driver, you are always looking for ways to do more with fewer resources. If you sell on Amazon, you have likely used Amazon Central for orders and found it to be an administrative resource drain. An ideal solution would allow you to reap the benefits of Amazon without the drain.

And, while you are at it, this solution would offer enhanced accuracy, security, fit like a puzzle piece into your existing business workflow, and allow your staff to concentrate on high-value tasks. This simple solution, the better way, is to connect to Amazon through Integral Group.

Amazon supplies vendors with a huge ‘ready-to-buy’ customer base. Amazon is a behemoth marketplace, providing you access to nearly 200 million unique monthly visitors (U.S.). Although the numbers vary a bit from source to source, in the U.S., Amazon’s share of e-commerce is creeping up on 50% and the percentage of web shoppers that go directly to Amazon is a similar number.

As a vendor, you may find yourself stymied by Amazon Central and the work required to process orders. Working by yourself, you need to essentially add another system to your business process. Amazon Central is, arguably, a manual, labour-intensive system and thus is prone to human error. The more orders you process, the more taxing these issues become.

The resolution to that is as simple as the decision to do business with Amazon: Turn the order retrieval process over to Integral Group. For you, Amazon may represent yet another system to contend with. To us, this is an EDI application, just like any other, that is merged into your existing workflow and becomes transparent to you. EDI will allow you to poll for new orders as often as you choose – every few minutes if that's what you require.

If you currently process a small number of orders through Amazon, the work required to DIY is likely not onerous. But it is also true that including Amazon orders with your existing EDI processing is not a large additional expense. If you have a substantial number of Amazon orders, or anticipate business growth and expansion, it makes sense to put the architecture in place now. With EDI taking care of Amazon orders, you can improve efficiencies with your staff focused on higher-value activities.

At Integral Group, we can consolidate Amazon with your existing workflow integrating with Commerce Desktop or the business applications you use. You give us your Amazon vendor ID and we do the rest.

We have talked exclusively about Amazon here, but, similarly, if you use eBay, your business will benefit from EDI consolidation as well.

Looking forward, we foresee two enormous e-commerce titans joining the North American marketplace. From Japan, expect to see Rakuten Global Market gaining a foothold. From China, the Alibaba Group is a powerhouse challenging even Amazon’s success. The presence of these will only serve to heighten the need for an EDI managed order solution for your business.

For your Amazon orders today, EDI is a sound business solution. As your orders increase, so does the need for an automated workflow that is integrated with your existing business systems. Add Rakuten and Alibaba into the mix and you have exponentially more rewards and more requirement for a professional, managed, EDI order retrieval solution.

Your time and resources are precious: Your people and processes need to yield the maximum contribution. EDI automation can help you to achieve this. Contact us to learn how Integral Group can help you get to that next level.

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