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EDI pricing: It doesn’t need to be so difficult!

Tech companies have a long history of baffling their users with a barrage of complex, unfamiliar, or flat-out nonsensical terms in order to mask what is going on. This seems never more so than with pricing, where it sometimes seems like the metrics controlling what you pay are designed with the specific goal of confounding the customer! 

At Integral Group we believe being upfront, transparent and honest in the way we do business. That extends to our Flat Rate pricing model. ‘Flat Rate’ means…

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EDI Outsourcing - Playing to your strengths

Playing to your strengths in business is not a new concept. Ideally, it means focusing your efforts on tasks directly related to your business in order to increase efficiency and promote growth. The natural offshoot of this is to consider outsourcing specialized technical areas of business, such as EDI, that do not lie within your core competencies.

While your firm may have an internal IT department, EDI is a specialized subset within the information technology arena that requires skills and…

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Vision 2020 Update: Integral Group takes a stand!

At Integral Group one of the key principles we live by is that we ‘Elevate One Another’. We do everything we can to create a better work environment. One of our newest environmental changes is adding standing desks to promote the health and well-being of our team members who wanted them.

According to the government of Canada:

  • Canadian adults spend about 70% of their waking hours being sedentary; Canadian office workers spend 77-80% of working hours in prolonged sitting periods.
  • Four out of…
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IN THE COMMUNITY | Spring Bake Sale

On Wednesday April 18th we hosted the twice annual Integral Group Bake Sale to support Markham Food Bank. The event was a resounding success raising $530 which was matched by Integral Group for a total donation of $1,060. Our thanks to everyone that participated and indulged in the delicious treats.

We heard rumblings (some of them from us) of mysterious weight gain and sugar shock … but people came back for more! Rumour has it that some people substituted these goodies for dinner, because ……

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To drop ship or not to drop ship

Drop shipping:

‘to move goods from the manufacturer/supplier directly to the
customer without going through the usual distribution channels’

Spoiler alert! To drop ship or not to drop ship? The answer is, if you want to be competitive there is little choice but to offer drop shipping.

As part of the supply chain, drop shipping is probably part of your life. If you are selling exclusively large ticket items with high margins the practice likely works well for you. If you are being asked to…

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How to choose the right EDI service provider

One of the great things that social media has given us is a sound sense of shared experience. A common theme on every platform is people venting their frustrations at service providers for … well … simply not providing service.

At Integral Group, lack of service annoys us too! We know there is no one-size-fits-all answer and customers will, inevitably, have questions. Our job is to provide the best EDI solution possible configured to your business and then be accessible when you need us.


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April 2018 - Walgreens SupplierNet is OUT!

In their March supplier newsletter, Walgreens announced that their SAP implementation is being rolled out to the DC level and the SupplierNet EDI portal is being retired, starting April 2018. Walgreens suppliers must now use EDI systems to transport their data.

Mandated EDI compliance is a trend we are seeing with most major retailers – domestic and international. All Walgreens suppliers must prove their EDI readiness through a formal testing and certification process. At Integral Group, we…

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Nordstrom mandates EDI compliance

Nordstrom: Just the name of the store evokes images. The latest fashions, the smell of fine leather, elegance and sophistication. There is a cachet to having your products sold in Nordstrom. Your products will be prominent on the Nordstrom sales floor … as long as you are EDI compliant. Wait! …What?

Simply put, if you are a Nordstrom vendor, you must be EDI compliant. In the past, if you were a smaller vendor, you may have been granted an exemption to continue using paper. Those days are over.

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Selling on Amazon

As a business driver, you are always looking for ways to do more with fewer resources. If you sell on Amazon, you have likely used Amazon Central for orders and found it to be an administrative resource drain. An ideal solution would allow you to reap the benefits of Amazon without the drain.

And, while you are at it, this solution would offer enhanced accuracy, security, fit like a puzzle piece into your existing business workflow, and allow your staff to concentrate on high-value tasks. This…

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Do you need EDI in 2018?

At Integral Group, we are seeing a resurgence to be EDI compliant and a requirement for broader EDI solutions than ever before. In fact, the last two years have been some of the busiest we have ever had.

EDI has always been about providing users with an efficient, paperless tool for exchanging business documents in a standard format. And at its inception, 30 years ago, that was a big step.

EDI still does all of that, but we are seeing some more all-encompassing solutions being employed. It is…

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