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Integrating EDI with your WMS or 3PL provider

Using Integral Group integration services, you save money by only paying for a single set-up.
With Integral Group integration, there is only one set-up that incorporates all of your customers – present and future. We create what amounts to a huge record layout that houses all of the data fields required by your entire customer base. The information is then extracted as needed to create the custom 940s required by your 3PL.

With Integral Group Flat Rate service plans, you don’t pay for customer sets-ups.
We don’t charge customers over and over again for trading partner setups. We’re already connected to 650+ retailers and manufacturers in North America and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All customer setups are included in our flat rate plans.

Using Integral Group integration services, there is no burden on your system to maintain extraneous data.
You don’t have to maintain a massive internal database for all data fields that are required by each customer’s unique 850 layout. Integral Group receives all of the purchase orders, stores the all data then outputs exactly what your 3PL requires for their 940.

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The Evolution of EDI

Did you know the roots of EDI began during the Berlin airlift in 1948? Here's a quick look at the history of Electronic Data Interchange.

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Origins of Integral Group name and logo

If you have been following our blogs you likely already know that Integral Group has been an EDI service provider for over 30 years … if you are new to our blog posts you know it now. The company was founded by Emma Perlaky in 1986 and, although Emma is no longer active in the business, it is still family run.

It is fascinating to think of the history of a company that spans over three decades. Even more so to reflect on the mathematical symbol representing integration that is prominent in our service offerings today.

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